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Gorges of Galamus
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5 km north of St Paul, in the foothills of the Corbieres, a fault opens out into one of the most beautiful transverse valleys of the area. This deep and colossal gorge, formed by the Agly river, is full of natural riches.

The spectacular site of the "Gorges de Galamus" is a protected and classified natural phenomonem and was, without doubt, the earliest inhabited  area of St Paul. Our ancestors found refuge in its chalk caves, which one finds in the breathtaking rock faces. In this deep fault the Agly bubbles and rumbles to the delight of sportsmen and women. The green oak, junipers, the sabine and the Balearic cyclamen, cling bravely to its steep sides under the gaze of Bonelli's eagle.

Galamus is both a gorge and a chasm. It formed a challenge for the men who, in 1890, dug out a road which stretches for more than 2 km. This was to create a gateway between the departments of   Aude and Pyrenees- Orientales.

This winding  route has been an inspiration for the advertising media. 

Informations :

Campervans and buses are not allowed in the gorges. It is recommended that you leave your vehicle in the car park and walk.

During July and August there is a traffic control system making travel through the gorges easier; there is also a shuttle service available from 1pm - 7pm.


Les Gorges
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