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Clue de la Fou
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The Gorges de la Fou echo those of the Galamus cutting through the Lesquerde ridge to the south of St Paul. They open the route to the villages of the Fenouilledes and the Conflent.

A Roman bridge crosses the river showing a path used by our ancestors. While admiring these remains one can see all sorts of curious openings, the products of erosion. They have been called "The giants' cooking pots" or, according to legend, where the fairies came to do their laundry.

In this  refreshing green space is a former Thermal Spa which was in use between 1906 & 1914. Nowadays the people of St Paul, as well as tourists, are charmed by this area with its grandiose decor of bluish rocks.

There is also a spring of healing mineral water containing sulphur and calcium which flows, summer and  winter, at a temperature of 24 degrees  C.

La Clue
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